Texture Station

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About.com Free Tiles
Seamless tiles & textures of various quality


Texture Station was the most popular of the old "Station One," a site started in 1995 as the web successor to an old two-line BBS system that ran on a 486. Texture Station was rapidly built up to house well over 300 public-domain GIFs & JPGs for use as Windows desktop backgrounds, textures for small 3D models, and photo composites and other digital artwork.

The site's crowning moment was at the end of the second week of October 1996, when it was featured on MSN TV as a pick of the week. Traffic became prohibitively costly over the years, though, and the site was taken down at the end of 2002. However, other sites that spun off from Nepthys.com became more popular and all were moved to a dedicated server, leaving plenty of leftover bandwidth to bring back this golden oldie.