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Sir Bobo-ofJANG
Character class: Barbarian
Level: 50 (retired)
Life/Mana: 534/307
Causum vita:
A poorly-trained, item finding dud

Sir Bobo-ofJANG

Shameful as it may be, Bobo was designed to make his way up to Nightmare difficulty and never go any further. His mission: Find stuff. In a time when Nepthys was beginning to trade actively, this simple-minded fellow was born to fill a need for good loot. His Find Item skill was pumped up early on, and everything else was done on a purly experimental basis.

Bobo started out using swords when most people were going for Martel De Fer's. He then let all of his weapon Mastery points go to waste when Pikes became all the rage and he switched over to the now-"uncool" Mace side of The Force.

As far as his "mission" was concerned, he only found a couple of decent uniques in his time and not a single good rare! What a disappointment! After awhile, it became apparent that this guy was completely useless. Like all typical Barbarians over level 30 (all together now, "w-h-i-r-l-w-i-n-d"), he was an utter bore to play, and he wasn't benefitting anyone in any way.

Around level 40, a change of fate of Biblical proportions occurred when Bobo bought a +mana/+life plated armor from Jamella and was awe-struck by the metallic blue look when he wore it. Soon, he found a +mana/+life bone helm that was also bright blue. The stats on oft-laughed about Hands of Broc actually helped him out during play and eventually he was even outfitted with a blue plated belt. Bobo the Barb had unofficially become Bobo the Blue, and once again he had a purpose in life. Of course, shortly after this he was almost completely abandoned, but some day he will finish his outfit with some blue boots and a decent mana steal martel (for the color, of course).

Admittedly, it's a pretty sad story, but at least it's the truth {8>/


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